Paper Promises & Punishment 2


$15.00 Paper Promises & Punishment 2

Oooh, no she didn’t… Yes, the freak she did. Mo’Najah Harrison divides the money and multiplies the drama. Refusing to be Haneef’s emotional or physical punching bag; her personal severance package is nothing short of six figures. Take the money and run… Hell no Mo’ is determined to have her seat in hell’s kitchen who will she have to burn to get it?

Lamar James is on top of the world, beautiful and brilliant woman by his side. Platinum album on the horizon nothing can stop him …But her. Zylar Wingate refuses to let her man go so easily. Hiding her pregnancy in plain sight, she prays for Lamar to have a chance of heart. When her prayers go unanswered Miss Zylar takes matters into her own hands, Lamar’s freedom and fame will remedy her pain.

Tanya ain’t done, baby mama drama at its finest. After her drama in part one she is out for vengeance. Haneef, Sheed and Mo’Najah are all targets when tornado Tanya decides to recruit Haneef’s lifelong enemy to aide her in getting what she deserves.

Exposing all of the secrets from book one. Payne infuses these pages with sex, romance, lies, truths, and pain. If you thought book one was good PAPER PROMISES & PUNISHMENT 2 is literary kerosene.

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