Paper Promises & Punishment

Paper Promises and Punishment

$10.00 Paper Promises and Punishment

W.T.F. Is a woman supposed to do when everything she “loves” is taken away? Survive! Cash, gas or ass no body rides for free. By default, an entire drug empire is at the feel of Mo’Najah Harrison. As her lover, mentor and provider Haneef Manson gets sentence to 210 months in a federal prison. When a King is dethroned which side do the followers choose?

Reality crashes around them both as Mo’Najah evolves into the “Queen” Haneef nurtured and molded. As the darkness comes to light and explosion is inevitable.

Lamar James, CEO of an up and coming record label was months away from the fairy tale life. A prosperous business, beautiful and rich fiancée; When one epic night changed everything. What price is too high to pay for happiness?

When good men make foul choices, collateral damage is expected. Nothing is as it seems. As everyone claws for their portion of PAPER & PROMISES; no one wants the PUNISHMENT! You will not be disappointed by this rare, erotic and dynamic debut novel by Payne.

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